Hi! I’am David Prat

I am Cloud Architect and Big Data Expert

With more than 13 years of experience in the IT sector, I’m specialized in designing, implementing and running all kinds of IT solutions on Hybrid environments (On-premises & Cloud).

I can translate your business idea into the IT systems needed wether they involve Big Data, Scalable web services, Mobile applications or AI models. I optimize the solution for cost, scalability and reliability.


Areas of expertise & Cloud freelance services

Public Cloud Solutions Architect

Public Cloud

Solutions architecting and implementation. Data management and application servers, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS.

Data + AI

ETL design and implementation, Data migration, Workflow scheduling, Database Design. DL models use and tuning.
Devsecops Web 2


Applications deployment in multiple environments, Security, Release management, Automatization, IaC.
Performance Tuning Expert

Performance Tuning

Database performance tuning, Code speed-up, Application latency decrease, Benchmarking.


Certified Kubernetes Administrator
Certified Kubernetes Application Developer
certified kubernetes security specialist
Prometheus Certificate Associate
AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate
AWS Certified Security Expert
Aws Certified Devops Engineer Professional Badge.7492bf660b5351e51f3f8015e4818924294a7e8c
Terraform Associate
Linux Professional Institute
Google Cloud Platform Expert
Microsoft Certified Azure Data Fundamentals
Microsoft Certified Azure AI Fundamentals
Cloudera Expert
Apache Spark Freelance
Apache Kafka Expert
Flink Expert
Certified Smart Contract Developer
Certified Blockchain Developer - V2

Highlighted projects

Big Data

Design and implementation of PoC for an ambitious project in the field of data catalogs. This project has been developed on top of Amundsen, Apache Atlas and Apache Ranger. The PoC was build by expanding Amundsen on top of Docker compose.

The objective of the project is to ingest metadata from all kinds of data origins. This includes relations databases, datawarehouses, any other kind of database, data files and media such as videos, audio or images.

Zürich - Switzerland
Data Catalog Architecture
Big Data

Architecture design and implementation of a Big Data system in AWS for processing daily electricity consumptions in Red Eléctrica de España. This involved AWS Glue, EMR, Lambda, Pyspark, Zeppelin, Redshift, Spectrum, SFTP and S3.

The solution runs on demand batch jobs to apply the required transformations in data ingest in a Redshift data warehouse. The solution only runs when new files arrive to the landing zone and runs on transient clusters saving up to 80% of costs.

Barcelona - Spain
AWS Data Pipeline
Big data

Project aimed to create an online platform for clinical and molecular data retrieval. The online platform also includes a functionality to analyse molecular data stored in the cloud. The context of the project is in a biomedicine company that wants to provide to clients and to potential clients with a tool to explore the available data.

California - United States
Genomics Data Catalog

Building trust and confidence

Youtube Channel

DevOps + Data + AI

I advocate for the use of Cloud Native projects because they are of high quality and very compatible technologies. Their use can make to companies to get huge savings in comparison to use cloud PaaS solutions. 

I’m also very keen on promoting use of free libraries for Big Data storing and computing as well as for dealing with Deep Learning models. I bet on these technologies because their community is huge and because they are more likely to avoid the vendor locking problem.

You’ll always find in my channel tutorials for the latest technologies that are going to prevail in the market for years. I only recommend what I’m sure it will be best for my clients after I already have made tests and PoCs. 


David Prat

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